LIDS 2.2.3rc3 is released for kernel 2.6.23

lids-2.2.3rc3-2.6.23 which included TPE/NFMark feature is
already available.

You can download it from
You must completely re-install lidstools to lidstools- also.
(It means you must erase /etc/lids directory and re-make ACL with
new version of lidsconf command.)

Also, now I'm developing lids-2.2.3rc4-2.6.23 which will inclide TDE/Sandbox feature. Stay tuned.


LIDS 2.2.3rc1 is released for kernel 2.6.21

Thanks to Kazuki Omo , We have this new version for kernel 2.6.21, you can download it from lids-2.2.3rc1-2.6.21.patch and the related lidstools-


Then above 2 capabilities syntaxes are changed to lidsconf -A -s "Subject" -o LIDS_CAP_PROTECTED -j ENABLE

Welcome to the LIDS new site

We are starting a new LIDS site as well as a fresh LIDS software..stay tune.

Cytrun Linux use LIDS

Cytrun Linux is based on the Slackware, possesss Kernel 2.6.13 + LIDS, Snort Inline(A modified version of Snort that accepts packets from
iptables). Servers: WEB, EMAIL, SQL, PROXY, SSH, DHCP and DNS, Interface of Remote Administration based on Webmin.

Thanks to Michell L. Garcia, I am autor of the Cytrun Linux.

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